Experience TV the smart way,the Amiya way.


For a long time now, we have been aided by TV remotes which allow us to switch channels or change volume on our TV and set top boxes, but over the years with changes in technology and digitization of broadcast, the navigation aids through many programs and channels has largely remained unchanged.
Realization of this massive pain prompted us to build a new experience called amiya, to re-imagine the navigation of TV.

Amiya helps you …

  • Search for a program by title or voice.

  • Navigate through programs that match your interests.

  • Make your friends recommend programs for you and allow them to change on your TV as well!

  • Get alerts on how much time your kids are watching TV

  • Know whether you are having the right subscription package.

  • Receive recommendations of programs for your TV and the Youtube as well.

  • Amiya enhances your TV experience by integrating two of the most commonly found devices in Indian households, Mobile and Television with a small dongle (amiya dongle),

    It is easy to install as well, just plug in the device to USB port of set-top box or the nearest power socket and download the free Amiya app from Google play store and you are good to go.

    So, go right ahead and get your amiya device today. Experience TV the smart way, the amiya way.

    Snap Shots of Amiya


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    We are excited about convergence of technology to revolutionize the way TV is viewed and have created a unique“Preference to program “connection making it engaging and entertaining for you, your family and your social circle.

    Stay tuned with us for an exciting and enthralling journey ahead.

    Management team:

    Founder: Vinay Simha

      Vinay has decade + years of experience in engineering & management functions with companies like IBM, GE & HP.

      During his tenure with GE & IBM, Vinay was recognized as a key contributor in innovation and strategy.

      At the age of 21 was the COO of family business "Indcon Engineers" where he was instrumental in producing indigenous defence technology in precision components at one fourth of the cost leading to development of an entire local industry ecosystem.

    Advisor : Baskar Subramanian

      Baskar is a dreamer, avid technologist and thinker. He likes to build companies – he has spent the last 17 years in building   technology and building companies. An M.Tech drop-out from IIT-Bombay, Baskar earlier graduated from GCT, Coimbatore   specializing in Computer Science and ever since has been on the prowl looking to build technologies fitting business needs or looking to build businesses leveraging high tech.

    Baskar started his career in Texas Instruments in Bangalore building design systems – but was soon out building a new company – Impulsesoft. Baskar, as CTO at Impulsesoft architected products and systems at Impulsesoft and subsequently at SiRF (NASDAQ listed US semiconductor firm which acquired Impulsesoft).

    Baskar loves straddling between technology and business strategy bridging the two. At Amagi, which he co-founded, Baskar drives business strategy, investments and technology architecture and has a host of patents to his name.


    Coders: Linux Device drivers.
    Profile: To code Linux device drivers, Knowledge of C and C++, Ability to Integrate with Java.

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    Where are we located?

    We are startup based out of Bangalore

    Reach us at info@dfygraviti.com

    Experience TV the smart way,
    the amiya way.

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